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1. How does delivery work?

We will call you on Monday of your delivery week to schedule a time for delivery of your meals on Wednesday.  We deliver within approximately 30 minutes from Concord Mills, and we are willing to meet at a midway point for those of you who would like to still enjoy our meals, but are not within delivery range. We can deliver to your home or office. Currently we do not package our meals to be shipped elsewhere.

2. Do the meals include everything I need?

Yes. You will receive a protein and a side item.  Most will come with a sauce or vegetables. 'Hover' over a meal's name to see a brief description. 'Click' to see the full details. Please use the ‘Contact Us’ form if you have additional questions about ingredients.

3. Is it all prepared by you first and I just cook it?

Everything is already cooked except for the protein. Each meal lists a cooking method. It will be grill, sauté, bake or microwave.  We leave the protein uncooked to maintain optimal freshness when the meal is prepared. The starch and sauce will already be cooked, you simply reheat.

4. Are instructions included in the meal?

Yes. All meals have easy to follow, step by step instructions so that even the most inexperienced cooks can prepare them. Please note: Grilling times are based on gas grills.

5. If I like an ingredient but my family does not, can it be portioned separately so I can still enjoy the ingredient?

Absolutely.  As long as we know in advance we can definitely portion the ingredient on the side. On the last page of ‘Check Out’, you will see a comment box.  Please type any special requests or allergy alerts in that box.

6. If I order a serving of 2 but I am single, can I refreeze the other portion?

As long as you thaw the entree in the refrigerator you may refreeze the other portion. You may also cook both portions and, when it’s cooled, you can refreeze the leftover portion. (DO NOT leave the cooked meal out to cool any longer than 3 hours. DO NOT refrigerate or freeze cooked entrees until completely cool).

7. How long do the meals last in the freezer?

Meals last up to 6 months in the freezer but are best before 3 months.

8. How long do the meals last in the refrigerator?

The meals will last up to 4 days in the refrigerator. Our 4 and 6 serving meals will last 5-6 days after thawing.  If you know you are going to be eating the meals 3 days in a row, you may pull out 3 meals ahead of time so that they will be thawed and ready for cooking!

9. What is the best/proper way to thaw the meals?

The best way to thaw the meals is overnight in the refrigerator.  Meals in pans will most likely take a full 24 hours to thaw. The entrees that are 4 or 6 servings will take 36-48 hours. To decrease thaw times you can take the individual items out of the large Ziploc bag. 

10. What payment methods do you accept and how do I pay?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We also accept cash or check at time of delivery.  Simply select "Cash or Check on Delivery" under "How would you like to pay?" at order confirmation. We will collect payment at the time your food is delivered.  There will be a $25 charge for all returned checks.  Repayment of orders must be made with a credit card, cashier's check, or cash.

11. Can I order meals for someone else and have you deliver them?

Sure! We often get requests to deliver meals to new parents, busy families, or patients recovering from surgery. Just place your order and put their delivery address in the box provided.  The recipient must be within our 30 minute delivery range.  If you are not sure, please click ‘Contact Us’ on our website and send us the delivery address and we will confirm.

12. Do you offer a Referral Program?

Yes! You can receive a FREE 'Two of a Kind' meal credit to your account by telling your friends about us.  Simply tell them to put your name in the Comments section when they place their first order and we will put the credit on your account.

13. Do you offer Gluten Free or Vegetarian Meals?

No, at this time we are unable to accommodate those requests.

14. Are you a peanut-free facility?

Great Full Plates stores, portions, and packs meals containing all eight (8) major US allergens (milk, wheat, egg, soy, fish, shellfish, peanuts, and treenuts). Although we take precautions to limit the potential for cross-contamination, cross-contamination may occur between food products, allowing meals to contain any or all of these allergens.

15. I used my Gift Certificate, my cart balance is zero, but I can't complete my purchase.

After entering your Gift Certificate, please select the 'Cash on Delivery' delivery option to complete your purchase.

16. I’m having accessibility problems with the website.

Great Full Plates, LLC  is committed to providing an accessible website. If you have difficulty accessing content on this website, please contact info@greatfullplates.com or click the 'CONTACT US' tab to specify the nature of the accessibility issue and the assistive technology you use. We welcome your suggestions and comments about improving our ongoing efforts to increase the accessibility of our website.


Did not see the answer to your question?

Ask us your question in the 'Contact Us' section and we will quickly respond.

Chef Elizabeth Fudge

Elizabeth FudgeExecutive Chef

Education: Johnson & Wales University
May 2006 Summa Cum Laude

Chef Elizabeth fell in love with cooking as a small child. From “chief melon baller” at age 7 for her mother’s catering company she moved up to full owner of the company at age 15. She learned how to share her love of cooking and how to grow the business by cooking for all the sports teams in her high school. Then she decided to pursue cooking as a lifetime career by getting her Culinary Arts Associate in Applied Science Degree. Since graduation she has dedicated her time and skills to helping busy families eat healthy meals around the table together. She is passionate about helping the average home cook learn basic kitchen skills, perfect cooking times, and gain confidence to handle any cooking challenge. Chef Elizabeth provides quick and easy meals that taste better than your favorite restaurant.