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Delicious Desserts to complete your meal!
Order as many as you'd like to include with your Meal Order.

  • $3.25 Individual Luscious Lemon Cake
    A refreshing lemon sponge cake topped with creamy lemon mousse, whipped topping and lemon candy sprinkles.Cooking Method:...
  • $3.25 Individual Peanut Butter Pie
    Chocolaty crust topped with creamy peanut butter mousse and topped with peanut butter cups and chocolate ganache.
  • $3.25 Individual Tiramisu
    An indulgent, moist sponge cake topped with an espresso-flavored mascarpone mousse, whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa.Cooking Method:...

Serving Sizes

Two of a Kind Serves 2 Adults
Family of Four Serves 4 Adults
Party of Six Serves 6 Adults

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